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    Project Name: Gongfu Private House


    Project address: Henan Xinmi


    Completion time: May 2018


    Project size: 380 square meters

    方案欧宝体育在线登录app:阎亚男 王冬 王婷婷

    Program Design: Yan Yanan Wang Dong Wang Tingting

    软装欧宝体育在线登录app:阎亚男 程白露

    Soft design: Yan Yanan, Cheng Bailu


    Lighting design: SCL lighting


    Photography : RuChu photography


    Project Editor: Liu Bai


    Construction unit: Meizhou Xiongying Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

    欧宝体育官网入口首页永改造项目 | 关于老宅的记忆

    The memory of the old house



    We can't forget the attachment to the "home".

    We inward, inward, and inward... dig through the memory of life and create this home.



    The case is located in Xinmi, Henan. It is a two-story building with a history of 12 years. At the request of the owner, Mr. Gong Xiaoyang and Ms. Hu Miaomiao, the Erheyong design team upgraded the old house.

    欧宝体育在线登录app师的思考  Designer thinking


    The old house has it's own advantages, thick walls, and traditional main structure. If you don't participate in it, you may not be able to understand the simplicity and reality of building a house in that era. In the early summer season, it was soft and sleek. The first door was cool and ventilated. I don’t know how many times the air conditioner would be used during the year. The old-fashioned wall structure and beam relationship make the design limited, and the design results are taken for granted. In the same way, while completing its original function and mission in this house, it must also take into account the aesthetic differences between the two generations, so that it can accept and accommodate the use and feelings of the family.


    The appearance and landscape of the building are more in line with the external environment, and it does not stand out. Entering the first floor of the room, the hall after the dismantling, like the loss of the border, there is a kind of people who get rich overnight and lose their sense of reason. Without the center and direction, it is the pursuit of exotic clothes or solemnity. It seems to be a hot topic of design discussion. There is also this controversy among family members. In fact, designers can not only talk about sensibility, but also have a rational logical relationship, one by one, to meet space needs and aesthetics, but also to calm the atmosphere, not only increase the taste of life, but also enhance family communication.



    The symmetrical and straight bookcases steadily carry the memories of the future, choose symmetrical furniture layouts, and asymmetrical furniture styles. They are also quietly inheriting the traditional Chinese worship and infinity; the partial tea table seems to be invisible. The net of the most unruly party in this house, the family language between the mother and the daughter, the reprimanding between the father and the son, the reviewing place after the child goes to school, and the total amount of self-sufficiency.


    In the past two years, we have done a lot of commercial design projects. More comprehensible design is not purely sensible. The meticulous rational analysis makes the design stand up to scrutiny, as well as residential design. Satisfying functional needs is the foundation. Tolerating humanities and retaining memories is the goal I pursue. Sometimes it is not blind to be unconventional. Adapting to nature is not a compromise. We respect Party A’s suggestions and capture confusion, interest, complement, change, not Simply weave our dreams, enjoy the fun of design, and harvest the setbacks and results.


    Every project is a coincidence. I like the new secret project. It is not only because I am very happy to cooperate in this city every time, but also because I can feel the local authentic food after the docking. In order to cooperate with the construction side of our design, and the docking program has almost no amendments, and we strongly support our work in the whole process, the cooperation is enjoyable, thank you again!

    一 机缘   

    Chapter One  Opportunity



    Before the Erheyong design team took over the case, the owner's father had already started the renovation work of the old house.

    However, as the construction progressed, the effect was not satisfactory.



    Mr. Gong’s parents have a special liking for traditional Chinese style, but the children of the post-80s have modern aesthetic requirements.

  • 传统与现代的结合  Combination of tradition and modernity

  • 一次偶然的机会,巩母到朋友家做客,终于找到了理想中的、家的样子。


    By chance, Mr. Gong's mother went to a friend's house and finally found the ideal and home.

    Therefore, the owner Mr. Gong and Ms. Hu came to Erheyong, and communicated with Mr. Cao Gang and Ms. Yan Yanan in detail about the transformation needs.

  • 客户需求  customer's demand

  • 巩家一双儿女都已成家,此房屋需要保留至少三间卧房,另加一间保姆房。



    The son and daughter had been married,  this house needs to retain at least three bedrooms, plus a nanny room.

    As one of the family gathering places, the restaurant is a place where more family members can interact and enhance family ties, instead of the mother being busy and others just waiting.

    The high altitude is the biggest satisfaction point for the owner of the suite. It needs to be kept and wants to enhance the atmosphere and stability of the living room.

    一层改造平面图  One floor renovation plan

    -改造前-  before


    -改造后-  after


  • 空间优势  Spatial advantage

  • 户型开阔





  • 原始空间问题  Primitive space problem

  • 从大门入口,经客厅挑空,好似一条长长的走廊,格局空旷、冷清




  • 改造重点  Transformation focus

  • 弥补高挑空“走廊”缺陷



    二层改造平面图  Second floor renovation plan

    -改造前-  before


    -改造后-  after


  • 空间优势  Spatial advantage

  • 户型开阔    




  • 原始空间问题  Primitive space problem

  • 入口太多,加上一楼大门,共四个外入口,私密性不够


  • 改造重点  Transformation focus

  • 增加别墅私密性,解决动线问题


    改造区①  Reconstruction area 1


    Because the storage room is not ventilated, the Erheyong design team knocked out this space and merged and reorganized it with the original bathroom.


    In order to solve the problem of daily laundry, the nanny room with larger space is contracted inside, and the laundry room is set next to the bedroom. Then open the original storage room, use the original waterway to drain the water, and then open a window to enter the light, as a guest' bathroom.


    The original bedroom is integrated into the balcony and converted to a kitchen.


    (效果图 Rendering

    原卧室、阳台打通、融合,改为餐厨一体的厨房。  The original bedroom and balcony are opened and integrated, and the kitchen is replaced by a kitchen and eating room.

    木质橱柜充满亲和力。  The wooden cabinets are full of affinity.

    山水装饰吊灯、色彩鲜艳的中式挂画. . .西式餐厅餐柜、高脚凳. . .  Landscape decorative chandeliers, colorful Chinese paintings. . . Western restaurant dining cabinets, high stools. . .

    这里虽然有传统,但并不守旧。  Although there is tradition here, it is not old-fashioned.

    关于老宅的记忆(效果图  Rendering


    Due to the high structural level, the Erheyong design team perfectly hides the beams and columns between the original bedroom and the balcony.

    改造区②  Reconstruction area 2


    as the high altitude reduced the living room on the first floor, the Erheyong design team knocked out the bathroom in order to expand the layout of the living room and maintain the integrity of the living room, and hide the original drain pipe with the shelf display cabinet.


    In the living room where the new fan was originally placed, the Erheyong design team integrated it with the living room and set up the tea table as a leisure area.


    The living room adopts a central axis symmetrical layout, bookcases, sofas, TV cabinets and racks, etc., with the same shape and size on both sides.



    Symmetry gives people a sense of quietness and stability.

    Contains the beauty of balance.


    (效果图 Rendering



    The entrance hall of the main entrance, drawing on the garden design method, set the column on both sides to increase the sense of entering home.

    The built-in shoe bag satisfies the functional requirements.



    (效果图 Rendering


    Set up stone drums at the entrance door to increase the sense of home ownership


    Chinese traditional furniture foot horseshoe shape for the solid wood mortise and tenon structure. The Erheyong team deliberately found the furniture manufacturer in Guangzhou, a stainless steel copper-plated process that enhances modernity - the same elements, material changes, feel more fashionable.

    电视背景墙大板工艺  TV backdrop's large board process


    The Erheyong design team ran through the market to find the plate with the right structure, pattern and size.

    改造区③  Reconstruction area 3


    Change the bedroom to the study and use the bookcase to hide the original drain.


    The central axis symmetrical layout desk and bookcase are used to change the original bedroom annex corridor into a leisure area, and a Luohan couch is set.


    The reconstructed study style still gives people a narrow sense of bureaucracy. The Erheyong design team draws on the garden design method and expands the width of the study room by means of the beauty, while increasing the area of the living room on the first floor.


    改造区④  Reconstruction area 4


    In order to maintain the privacy of the villa, only one outside entrance is reserved on the second floor, and the corridors are all sealed and the windows are kept.


    The hall and the bedroom, and its associated corridors, were integrated into a master bedroom and a cloakroom.


    The addition zone and its affiliated gallery will be designated as tea rooms.


    如此一来,功能区更加丰富完善。  As a result, the functional area is more abundant and complete.

    日常约上三五好友品茶,  Everyday, about three or five friends taste tea.

    一人在书房看书,品茶,享受静谧时光,  one person reads a book in the study, enjoys tea, and enjoys a quiet time.

    衣服的收纳也更加整齐、有条理......  the storage of clothes is also more neat and organized...


    关于老宅的记忆(效果图 Rendering


    In terms of lighting treatment, the light bar is buried in the ceiling, leaving a wide enough space for the light to be exposed, and the ceiling lantern is omitted, which is both beautiful and economical.


    The bedroom layout is still in a central axis symmetrical layout, with a carved wooden fence on the left and right sides of the bed, and a wooden fence on the right hand side that is a hidden door leading to the cloakroom.


    The custom-made, oversized embroidery craft bed is undoubtedly the eye-catching touch of this bedroom.

    改造区⑤  Reconstruction area 5

    改卧室为盥洗室,干湿分离。  Change the bedroom to a washroom, dry and wet separation.


    It is worth mentioning here that the Erheyong team chose to separate the laundry equipment in the laundry room on the first floor, separate from the bathroom, which takes into account safety and creates a shower and bath. Who doesn't like the big bathroom?



    (效果图 Rendering

    二 园林欧宝体育在线登录app手法的借鉴与软装考虑  

    Chapter two  The reference of garden design techniques and the consideration of soft decoration


    As a relatively mature interior design company, Erhe Yong mastered the accurate data of the room at the beginning of the program, and then proceeded to softly adjust the design, and even considered "changing the spatial structure to show the style and comfort."


    After the plan was finalized with Mr. Gong and his wife, Ms. Hu, the construction began.

    项目实拍图  Project real shot






    Due to the high space of the case, the Erheyong design team perfectly hid the fresh air system into the ceiling, and the air outlet was hidden in the hollow wooden lattice ceiling, which was both aesthetic and functional.


    The embroidered bedside table was specially designed by the Erheyong design team to be custom-made and has exceeded the conventional size.




    二楼休闲区  Second floor leisure area


    The tea room is adjacent to the study room. In the world of fragrant incense, I am immersed in the world of books.


    The improved Lohan couch is simple, comfortable and stable.


    The bronze engraved "Diamond Sutra" on the wall is also a boutique that is one of the best in the world.



    三 感谢 

    Chapter three  Thanks





    Looking back at the design and construction of this case, the cooperation process is very smooth and harmonious, which is a great joy for the designers.

    Thanks to Mr. Gong Xiaoyang and Ms. Hu Miaomiao for their full support in this case.

    Thanks to the perfect construction cooperation of Meizhou Xiongying Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

    Thanks to Erheyong for participating in the tacit cooperation of designers.

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